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Use ANT+ to open up connection possibilities for your device


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The vast majority of Androids have more connections and features than you can possibly know about. ANT+ is precisely one of those connections that you normally wouldn't know existed or find interesting... until you do. And that's when you install ANT+ Plugins Service.

ANT+ Plugins Service basically activates the ANT connection on your Android automatically every time it's needed. And you're going to need it almost every time you connect your Android to a sports device such as a heart rate monitor, a smart watch, or even headphones.

ANT+ Plugins Service comes with different default profiles, all ready to be used. One of the most interesting ones is compatible with heart monitors, and lets you collect information on your heartbeat.

ANT+ Plugins Service, like all ANT+ services, is a light and discreet app, which doesn't even have a graphic interface to bother you.

Requires Android 2.1 or higher

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